For first responders and veterans through Great Dane service

Our Mission

At Northeast Canine, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we specialize in breeding and training Great Danes to support veterans and first responders. Our Danes provide companionship and mobility assistance, addressing the unique needs of those they serve. They stand as beacons of resilience, companionship, and renewed purpose.
Cute great dane puppies
Start Strong

We start with a selective breeding program, choosing Great Danes for their temperament, intelligence, and physical suitability to assist with mobility.

Great Dane dogs in training
NEC Training

Our detailed training culminates in a harmonious match, where handlers form an unbreakable bond, tailored for mutual support and understanding.

Great Dane service dog paired with veteran for mobility
Graduation Day! 

As our Great Danes finish their training, they embark on a new chapter, expertly paired to offer a lifetime of support and companionship

Our P-A-C-K Principles

We Believe in Our Mission

At NEC, our trained service dogs reignite purpose and independence for veterans and first responders.
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Tailored support for heroes
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Lifelong companionship, lasting independence
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Empowerment through partnership

Tailored Training for Mobility

NEC prioritizes excellence from breeding to training, ensuring each dog enhances mobility and integrates seamlessly with their paired individual.
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Selective Great Dane breeding
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Comprehensive skill training
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Harmonious service dog matches

Uniting for Greater Community Impact

NEC thrives on community support, forging partnerships and uniting under a vision for transformative change.
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Engaging local awareness events
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Partnerships for greater impact
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Volunteer network growth

Honoring Trust with Every Action

We value integrity and transparency, deeply cherishing the community's trust as we keep our sights on the horizon.
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Transparency in our mission and operations
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Ethical best practices in breeding and training
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Consistent updates for our community

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Looking to Volunteer?

Volunteering at Northeast Canine offers a unique opportunity to contribute to our mission of empowering heroes. Whether it's helping with events, training, or care, your involvement is invaluable.