The NEC Team

We are a passionate group dedicated to improving lives through the service dogs we breed, train, and love. Northeast Canine is a 501(c)(3) Organization.

Megan Kokaras
Northeast Canine Founder, Lead Trainer,
and Board President
Megan has spent a decade training Great Danes as Service Dogs, leading NEC's breeding and training. She's committed to aiding veterans regain independence through these expertly trained companions.

Devin Diberto
Trainer, Board Member
Devin, with a decade of Great Dane expertise, runs a canine training business focusing on obedience and behavior. She enhances her skills through continuous education and is passionate about the NEC cause.
Colleen O'Connell
Trainer, Chair of Board
Colleen brings over 20 years of service dog training expertise and is the founder of Sedille’s Pet Grooming. Her skill in preparing service dogs for their new homes is vital to NEC.

Maggie Hackett
Trainer, Board Member
Maggie holds a B.S. in Animal Behavior and is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. She has 8 years of experience training Great Danes for mobility and incorporates NEC's dogs into her Canine Classroom, enhancing their training with her expertise in behavior modification.
Margaret Mulcahy
Trainer, Board Member
Margaret, mentored by Megan since 2013, deepens service dogs' training through fieldwork and home exposure. Certified in therapy dog teamwork, she's committed to enhancing lives within the community with NEC's dogs.
Briana Nicolo
Board Member
Brianna leverages her decade-long event planning expertise to bolster NEC's fundraising efforts. Since discovering her passion for service dogs in 2019, she's been forging new connections to secure NEC's future.

Adam Wiggin
Vice President of Board
Adam has a deep background in management, events, fundraising, and technical/design project building.As Vice President of the Board, he works to serve the team in strengthening processes and facilitating fundraising efforts.
Megan Berry
Board Member, Secretary
Megan has had a love of all things four legged since birth. Her passion for helping others is her motivation for joining NEC. Outside of NEC she has been a full time nurse for 9+ years and currently works in a local emergency room. Megan is also a proud dog mom to a 3 year old great dane named Tripp.
Sharon Smart
Board Member
As a lover of all animals, Sharon has always sought out ways to be involved with bringing better lives to those animals in need.  Sharon's rescue work has deepened her appreciation for animals and the profound, positive changes they bring to our lives. She has 15+ years in the financial industry which has given Sharon the experience to help NEC reach its full potential and reach all those in need.

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